Georgij Nazarov

Georgij Nazarov

Georgij Nazarov

Georgij Nazarov, a native of Moscow, naturopath and explorer, is the author of a series of workshops on healthy living and adding quality to one’s life. He has written a number of bestsellers, such as “Secrets of Proper Nutrition” (Part 1 and 2), “Nutrition”, and others, where, in a very simple way, he explains how we can, by making changes to our eating habits improve our physical and mental health. The books deal with practical advice on choice of diet, timing of meals, food combining, as well as meal preparation.

His other bestsellers are “The Easiest Way to Gain and Lose Weight, or Seven Steps to Optimal Weight” (Parts 1 and 2), “Secrets of Brain Detox” and “Healthy Head”.

Hundreds of thousands of people in Serbia and throughout the world are eating according to advice given in publications written as a “A Cookbook of Healthy Diet” series: “Main Dish”, “Salads”, “Sweets”, “Preserves, puddings, beverages”.

He has also written “Georgij Nazarov Advises You”, “How to be Healthy in Summer”, “How to be Healthy in Autumn” and has contributed to special publications of “Healthy Life” magazine on how to stay healthy in winter and in spring.

Some of his books have been translated into English, Italian and Russian, and publications in German and other languages are being prepared. His books are available through Amazon.

He has written over 400 articles and commentaries, and is a regular contributor to “Herbs and Health”, “Healthy Life”, “Diet” and “Healthy mind in…” magazines. He is a member of International Journalist Federation (IFJ), Association of Journalists of Serbia, and Mountain Rescue Service, Traditional Medicine of Thailand Association and Public Health Association of Serbia.

He has been a Fellow of the “Russian Science and Culture Centre” in Belgrade for many years, and is one of the founders of the “Movement for Healthier Serbia”.

He teaches in the “Healthy Life” magazine school and is the author of a series of seminars held in nature. He runs the traditional summer seminar in Zlatibor, workshops throughout the world, as well as training courses in various companies and corporations.

Selected restaurants in Serbia and Montenegro have been given Georgij Nazarov franchise, and are offering meals based on his menu. Products made according to Nazarov eating plan are available in certain shops.

Nazarov is currently working on a book on how to create a healthy heart and cleanse your blood vessels