Natural Medicine



This Programme includes:


  • Diet which is physiologically correct, which includes a mixture of natural supplements and high-quality water, and is combined with occasional abstention from food (fasting)
  • Entire body detox
  • Bringing the spine into an optimal condition
  • Applying capillary therapy, one of the very efficient ways of improving blood circulation, condition of the spine and skin, recovery of bone tissue, reduction or removal of scars, rejuvenation of the body
  • Urinotherapy
  • Correct usage of honey and other products of apiculture
  • Usage of mummy, a very efficient method of treating wounds and abscesses, burns, damaged mucuous membrane, bone fractures and cracks, rejuvenating the skin
  • Using traditional medicine, tested over centuries and whose success has been confirmed by contemporary scientific research
  • Being physically active and spending more time in nature
  • Reducing damaging effect of increased natural and man-made radiation
  • Dynamic meditation with self-programming, intended to remove tension, improve general psycho-physical condition, contribute to faster learning, getting rid of pain, controlling bodily functions, discovery and realization of hidden potentials and talents
  • Conscious managing of one’s body energy
  • Treating yourself with respect and self-awareness
  • Individual approach to, and creation of realistic conditions for achieving the aims of the Programme

What is a correct diet?

Much has been written about diet which creates health, improves mental facilities, prolongs life, recovers energy and boosts endurance. Many of the diseases of modern times, which either did not exist in the past or were very rare, are occurring in epidemic proportions, especially in developed countries. At the same time, diseases which we assumed had been eradicated, are beginning to reappear in an altered state, and are more difficult to treat. As a result, more and more people are beginning to realize that their health is directly linked to their way of life.

How we live, and particularly what we eat, can create a powerful predisposition for various diseases, but, at the same time, our way of life and our diet  can also help decrease the chance of disease or restore our health, if it happens.

Unfortunately, even if we want to bring a positive change to our life, we often don’t have access to the right information. Practitioners of conventional medicine in most countries have very superficial, narrow and often out-of-date knowledge on nutrition. Many books written on the subject are meaningless and uninformative. In some cases, they even give wrong information, and those which don’t, often deal with only a single aspect of nutrition, neglecting all the others.  Understanding all aspects of nutrition is the only way to a healthy diet.

Principles of correct diet take into consideration the following:

  • Correct selection of food and drink
  • Correct food preparation and storing
  • Adding beneficial natural supplements to food
  • Correct food combining
  • Correct timing of meals
  • Respecting the pause between meals
  • Using the appropriate amount of food

If we neglect even one of these principles, our diet will no longer be correct. For example, if we use the best quality food and prepare it in the best possible way, but use it at the wrong time, we are eventually doing ourselves a bad favour, creating conditions for disease and weakness. Or, if we don’t combine the food properly, the result will be the same.

We have to understand that a lot of information about our food requirements is coming directly from experts, in some cases even doctors, employed by food manufacturer. Their concern is only to increase the sales, while consumers are paying the price with their health.

Benefits of a Correct Diet

  • Recovery from disease or considerable reduction of disease symptoms
  • Longer life
  • Increased psychological stability
  • Considerable increase in energy and endurance
  • Improved immune system
  • Improved protection from disease
  • Much easier adaptation of the body to various external conditions (e.g. excess heat, low temperatures, weather changes), faster recovery from physical strain and stress, etc.
  • Better and more stable mood
  • Body rejuvenation
  • Improved digestion, regular bowel movement and reduced bloating
  • Improved sleeping pattern and easier waking up in the morning
  • In most cases, disappearance of swelling
  • Better skin condition
  • Disappearance of cellulite
  • Reduction and removal of unpleasant bodily odours
  • Better joint condition
  • Ideal weight
  • Many other positive changes



Translated By Zorica Lazic (