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We’d like to hear about your experience with the Nazarov Healthy Approach to Life principles. Send us your stories and we’ll publish the most interesting ones on our web page, and they may also appear in the new Gergij Nazarov books. You can send your contributions to:


Ari from Zlatibor

Until few years ago, I often suffered from kidney inflammation, as well as pain in the hand and leg joints. Doctors suspected a kidney stone, however, the results were negative, although the pain went on for months. I decided to do something about it and started researching how I could help myself. I read many books on healthy living written by foreign authors and I started changing my diet. I was happy, but still wished I could find a “hand” to show me which way to go. I wished I could find someone to direct me and tell me how to change my life.

When I first saw the “Healthy Life” magazine, I realized I had found a magazine I had waited for all my life. In one of the issues, I found out about Georgij Nazarov seminar in Zlatibor. And so, in 2005, I spent seven unforgettable days: I made friends, laughed, talked to people who had similar life views and lived the way I had always wanted to. On top of that, I managed to climb the Cigota Mountain – with support of Nazarov. When I got home, I continued to follow the Nazarov principles of healthy living and soon I started feeling the changes, which others noticed too.

I became slimmer, happier, felt younger, and was able to go about my business without feeling tired. I haven’t been off-sick since. A year went by, and in the 2006 seminar I again managed to climb the Cigota Mountain, but this time on my own, with a smile on my face and a feeling of great achievement. For that wonderful feeling, I remain forever grateful to Georgij Nazarov.



There is a little girl called Dara who lives in Novi Sad, in Serbia. She goes to school, plays with her friends, she is gentle and kind, but most of all, she is a happy little girl. But, she is much more than that – she is special, she is a loved and cherished child in whom we believed and in whom we still believe.

When, after child delivery, I was told that my child was not like other children, that there were certain problems with her, all I could think of was how to help her and what I could do so that the problems would go away. Everyone was skeptical, remote, no one even wanted to tell me what was wrong with my baby. Finally, I asked them if my baby had a Down syndrome. They looked surprised and asked me how I had guessed. Then, they started telling me how she would probably never walk, talk, or even be aware of who her mother was. They tried to persuade me that it would be best if I could forget about her and have another baby instead. I just kept on looking at her and stroking her and she looked back at me and then she grabbed one of my fingers with her little hand and at that moment I knew I would never give up my little girl. From then on, life became very challenging. My husband and I kept on searching the Internet trying to learn as much as we could about the Down syndrome and to find out what awaited us in the future. Despite everything, I believed in miracles, I hoped medicine would advance as Dara grew up and that somehow a solution would be found.


Dara was born in a natural way but had been positioned sideways, which is why she had such a difficult birth and considerable hipotonia (low muscle tone). Her stomach was slightly malformed because under the thin skin there were no muscles. She was very fragile, with tiny bones and limp joints, but with very inquisitive and bright eyes.

After six weeks at the Children Hospital where she had undergone many tests, we brought her home and that was the happiest day for all of us. She spent her first day at home with her eyes wide open. I am certain she knew very well who her mother and father were and that she was happy living with us. She was already beginning to smile and show how happy she was. She refused to sleep the whole day, probably worried that if she fell asleep, everything around her would disappear and that she would again wake up in the hospital ward without her parents and surrounded only by other babies. At 9 o’clock pm she had her last bottle, was clean and dry and she finally fell asleep and woke up only at 6 o’clock the following morning. She was happy to see us all again.

During the following three months we gave her all the love we could and we enjoyed every day spent with her. She became the centre of our World, she was our Sun without which there could be no life. She developed well and we were all happy. When she had recovered enough, we started with various therapies and work-outs, mainly guided by our intuition, because all the doctors could recommend was monitoring her current condition.

Soon she was three, but could still not walk, she could barely speak and was still very fragile, although she was happy, inquisitive and eagerly absorbed everything around her. Only her therapist and I knew how much she was really capable of.

Soon, she joined the kindergarten with children her age. While other kids ran noisily around, my little Dara kept on sitting, going through picture books and playing with the toys on her own, looking sadly at other kids playing. One day, we heard about the Dolphinarium in Budva and two days later Dara was already sitting in my lap by the pool, frightened but thrilled by the dolphin to whom she was throwing a ball and who was only too happy to bring it back and be rewarded for it. After two days she stopped feeling frightened and was happy to play with her new friend on her own.

She was now feeding him, stroking him and even kissing him. That night, she made her first independent step, and even though she still had very low muscle tone and was very frail, lacking balance required for walking, the desire to walk overcame the fear and weakness.

Carried away with the positive experience in the Budva Dophinarium, when we got home we started exploring other ways to help her. Two months later we went to Belgrade to meet the naturopath, Georgij Nazarov.

After just one visit to Nazarov, Dara was in a very good mood, she laughed, tried to speak, played and generally was very positive. Seeing her positive reaction, we decided to carry on. Over time, we worked on improving her general condition, strictly following the advice given by Nazarov. After ten sessions, we had some visible results. Her skin was no longer dry and full of pimples, digestion problems disappeared, kyphosis of the spine had been corrected,  she became very cooperative…Soon, she started talking, at first incoherently, and then whole sentences, little poems and stories which we kept on reading to her every day. It was as if we were unlocking a magic box in her head and she kept on showing us something new every day, saying new words and all that made her very happy and proud.

A month ago we went to see Georgij Nazarov again, because we know we haven’t done everything we could, and we always want to do more and better. Although these are less important issues we are now working on, they are still very important for improving quality of one’s life. We received some new instructions and I decided to work on myself as well. In a month, I lost about 6 kg, I feel much stronger both physically and mentally, I now want to do many things I never had courage to do before, my back pain is gone, as have my mood swings and depression…I now feel as if I were 20, with a 40-year old life experience.

Dara recently turned ten and she now attends the third grade of a regular primary school. She has a lot of friends in her class and is accepted by them. She loves her teacher and looks forward to going to school. She learned to read and write both in Cyrillic and Latin alphabet, she is learning English and German, she knows all four mathematical operations, has a good memory, rich vocabulary and loves learning foreign languages. Her hipotonia is now not so severe, and although her mobility is still slower than it should be, we keep on achieving good results and improvements in all areas.

Life with Dara is neither simple nor ordinary. It is exciting and full of surprises and challenges. You never know what the next day will bring. That life is full of happiness, joy, contentment and satisfaction when we achieve something small, which is at the same time big and very important for us and our family.

I still believe in science miracles and in working hard and I believe that, one day, my little girl will manage to find her place in this hard and beautiful world. I am so proud to be her mother.

Vera Popovic


N.P. (44)

Coxsakie virus had damaged the myocardium, she had myocarditis, she had “permanent” scars on the heart which is why she decided to take early retirement. Her immune system was very weak, she had calcification of the spine, particularly the neck area, constant dizziness and headaches, as well as allergies, chronic bladder inflammation, increased weight, hiatus hernia and suffered from chronic constipation. After less than a year of following the Nazarov Healthy Approach to Life principles, her heart is perfectly healthy, all the scars had disappeared, which medical tests have confirmed. Her spine has become supple, and dizzy spells and headaches are a thing of the past. Allergies are gone, as has the bladder inflammation. She lost 12 kg and now has an ideal weight. Digestion works well. She looks younger and feels younger. The skin on her face is tight and her complexion beautiful.


M.B. (44)

Four cysts in the left breast, recommended surgery, problems with blood pressure, overweight (98 kg), hair loss, grey and dry complexion. After adopting the Nazarov Healthy Approach to Life principles, the cysts disappeared, blood pressure is within normal parameters, her weight has dropped to 62 kg, the hair stopped falling off and became thicker, complexion looks normal. Nowadays she walks up to 10 km, something that was until recently unimaginable. She feels much happier.

A Battle for Life – Miroslava Bogdanov from Pancevo


I started trying to improve my life in 1991. My health was very poor at the time: I was born with hip dysplasia, while my spondylosis and thyroid problems were such that conventional medicine had given up on me (I suffered from hyperfunction of thyroid, and had three benign tumours on it).

I had two health problems which, according to conventional medicine, required completely different approach: to treat a spine you need to warm up your body, and to treat the thyroid, you need to cool it down. I felt completely lost.

I walked with the help of two walking sticks, so one day I decided to do something about my health. I used all methods recommended by Georgij Nazarov: I changed my diet, I did a complete body detox, addressed the spine and joints problems, did capillary therapy and strengthened  the body – and gradually, I started feeling better and better.


First, I got rid of one walking stick, and then I slowly started walking without one. After a while, I was able to run and go to a gym every morning. I started adding natural supplements to my meals.

Because of the thyroid problem I had bulging eyes, and the thyroid had three little tumors on it. After adopting a new way of life, everything gradually disappeared.

I regularly had tests at the hospital and they showed that the tumors had gone, and that the thyroid was now working normally. My sight improved. I am 73 and I can read without glasses, which I rarely use anyway. The condition of my skin and hair has also improved. The skin is tight, and my hair grew dark again. Over time, I managed to normalize my weight. I lost 25 kg. Also, my back became straight and I literally grew up by 9 cm.

I learned the art of natural anesthetics, which means I now manage to get myself into a state where I can deal with pain without any anesthetics, e.g. when having my tooth pulled out. I also learned how to considerably speed up healing of wounds or burns, which I use if and when required.

I also had a very ugly scar from a surgery on my stomach, which became much paler and has almost disappeared. Physical exercises which, because of my hip problem, had been strictly forbidden, I now do without any difficulty. I enjoy walking, working out in the gym and swimming. One day on a hike, I managed to cover 25 km. It’s now easier for me to walk because, having corrected my gait, I walk in a more efficient way. I still stick to the Nazarov diet. Even though I’m over 70, my health is relatively good. I follow all the instructions I first started with, I keep on working on further improvements and Georgij Nazarov advice is crucial in this. I follow his method and continue to work on myself, and once a year I do a complete body detox. The detox helped get rid of consequences of long-term unhealthy living, as well as of the consequences of working in a chemical factory where the pollution was very high.

I have been part of this Programme for almost 17 years and am very happy with it. The bulging eyes, typical of people with a thyroid problem, had disappeared and the eyes had gone back to their place. The thyroid hormones are working well, tumors have disappeared and I have no back problems, as it has from a calcified state been transformed into an exceptionally flexible and supple back. For the time being everything is OK, and my weight is almost ideal.


M.A. (56)

High blood pressure, excess weight (75), irregular digestion, joint pains, permanent headaches. After working with Nazarov my blood pressure became normal (I no longer use any medication), my weight dropped to 56 kg, headaches and joint pains disappeared, digestion is regular, my skin looks younger and tighter. I feel happier and full of life.




G.P. (43)

Three uterus tumours (15 cm, 7 cm, 10 cm), recommended surgery, excess weight (125 kg), swollen and painful veins in the left leg. After following Nazarov advice and after fasting for 100 days, tumours disappeared, my weight dropped to 62 kg, the veins withdrew, my sight which used to be +2.5 dropped to +0.5. My spine had become straight, and pain in the lower back had disappeared.


Translated By Zorica Lazic (